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Real time monitoring service that allows to reduce the costs, increase the productivity and guarantee the security of his fleet!
Essential tool for any company with fleet car, any one that was the type of vehicles used.


Essential tool for any company with a fleet, no matter type of vehicles used.





Simply install GPS receiver in the vehicle with a normal SIM card. GSM/GPRS networks ensure the sending of the geographic coordinates in real time and other data of the vehicle for a central server.
The fleet manager accesses to Geosate through any computer or smartphone with internet access and sees the location of the vehicle, speed, ignition mode, in addition to various other information, essential to his job.




Simply install a GPS receiver in the vehicle you need to locate and you immediately start to control and monitor all your vehicles through a simple internet connection.


Locate and manage your vehicles from any computer, smartphone or tablet with access to the internet.






- Costs saving due to the change of driving habits;

- Vehicle Security – in case of stolen vehicle or carjacking, you can instantly know the current position of the vehicle or even to remotely immobilize it;

- Analyse routes taken and alternative routes to reduce covered distance and as a direct result, fuel consumption;

- Historical data archive, allowing to analyse past situations at any time;
- Reports of current and historical information;

- Register of points of interest (POI's), like customers or providers, to detect approximation of the vehicles;
- Driving time and mileage management;

- Detection of undue or unauthorised utilisation of the vehicles;

- Much more.




Geosate, Location and Management Service is a very powerful tool for any company or employer that can also be of great utility in personal use.

The reliability equipments we use and a user-friendly navigation platform are the bases for the Geosate service Geosate guaranteed saving of costs and security of people, goods and cargo.


The applications are varied:


Geocar Doesn’t matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet - simplify its management with fast reduction of operational costs and big advantages connected to the instantaneous location servisse along with diverse information. (See more)


GeoTruck Also dedicated to the fleets, the GeoTruck has the possibility of having some very own tools of this type of vehicles, quite useful for their management as the info related to Power takeoff (PTO). (See more)


GeoMoto Product also dedicated to corporate fleets but again, with possibility of personal use, specially against theft. (See more)


GeoPeople Location of “delicate people”, specially for their safety but also for the family, friends, care and supporting institutions or old people’s homes. (See more)


GeoMachine When applied to industrial or agricultural machines, the Geosate Location and Management service reveals itself of great utility in monitoring operation time in addition to all the advantages of the localization in the frequent cases of theft. (See more)


GeoSpecial (See more)



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